A Matter in Time

Photo of A Matter in Time Book by Michael A. Faris

A Matter in Time

This is the sequel to The Quest for the Talisman.

In this continuing adventure, the artifact is snatched from Yesac and his crew as they desperately try to return the talisman to their king. They encounter agents from SNACILBUPER, a secret organization with their own nefarious agenda and the means to crush the bold crew of the airship Judy. Yet they bravely soldier on against incredible odds that test them at every turn.

You will find raw animal energy in the beasts that inhabit the Reggins’ home planet. You’ll feel the savage terror of an unleashed army of monkeymen from another dimension when they attack. You will laugh, cry and love in this story of determination to do whatever it takes to save this earth-like planet. Journey with me in this fantastic conclusion to the search and recovery of the magical medallion.

This second book was fun to write, and hard to finish. I didn’t really want it to end, but I had a mission. Hope you enjoy!. –MF

Read A Matter in Time Sample Chapters.

  • Available in three electronic formats for $2 – Epub, Kindle, PDF
  • Also in traditional paperback signed by the author for $20 (includes postage).
  • Soon to be available in audio book formats.

Photo of Michael FarisFor ordering information contact: mfaris1950@gmail.com

Michael’s Bio

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