Michael A. Faris Bio

Michael A. Faris Bio Photo

Michael A. Faris, author, poet, and artist living in the Willamette Valley, Oregon, inspired by H.G. Wells, Jules Verne, J.R.R.Tolkien, and Jonathon Swift, creates works of fantasy-adventure fiction. For almost thirty years, his varied and imaginative works have explored time and space, inventing memorable characters in incredible situations that fascinate his readers

Make-believe worlds as real as the outlandish characters who ride their odd machines or sit astride strange beasts, brandishing weapons sweep the reader into other universes. Surprise endings are a trademark that leaves the reader thinking; sometimes serious, sometimes silly but always entertaining. His work offers a refreshing escape from the ordinary.

Michael retired with forty years experience in the printing trade. He operates a small bookbindery, out of his home with his wife, Judy. When not researching data for his writing projects, he and his dog, Porkchop, drift the Willamette River or hunt lost metal treasures. His garden and chickens benefit from his love of slow blues, folk, and bluegrass while he strums his guitar. Add the occasional shot of Old Crow Kentucky bourbon and you have a flavor of the people in his stories.

Photo of Judy and dog Porkchop

Judy and Porkchop

A dialect from the south, especially his former home in Florida, rolls off the tongues of characters in his works. Mix that with the culture of the Pacific Northwest since his arrival in the mid-seventies and you have the scenery for memorable reading.

Photo of Michael A. Faris and dog Spotter

Boss 'n' Spot

The usual credentials include studies in graphic arts, architecture, and fine arts overlying real-life experience in the printing and publishing business. This combination, along with the support of his family provides the ideal platform for other authors to bring their work to the market with Michael’s assistance.

Michael has Published three books:

The Quest for the Talisman, A Matter in Time, and Tawilla’s Gold

Photo of Michael FarisContact Michael:


Cell phone: 541-954-6724


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