The Quest for the Talisman

Quest for the Talisman softcover
Quest for the Talisman by Michael A. Faris

A very important royal artifact has turned up missing in the Republic of Lillie. King Herb commissions a special force to find and recover the stolen medallion. The team sets out in their solar-powered airship for an adventure that sends them racing across time and space… where they soon discover there are others who will stop at nothing to keep them from their task.

Shrug off reality and let your mind wander as you read this tale of realistic imaginary adventure. Feel the butterflies inside as you plunge from the skies, streaking into battle and matching wits with the sinister Ghaf, a very powerful ambassador from Duleam with ideas of his own.

Here is a fantasy adventure that will take you to strange lands inhabited by even stranger creatures. Meet the Reggins, a fierce tribe of monkeymen preparing to invade their world. Discover the secrets hidden within the mysterious Dooda, and why the team must find it before it’s too late.

The Quest for the Talisman reads well as a stand alone novel. However, it was so well received that I wrote a sequel. Book 2,  A Matter in Time follows the journey home with even more suspense and wild adventure that will leave you satisfied in the end. –MF

Read The Quest for the Talisman Sample Chapters.

  • Available in three electronic formats for $2 – Epub, Kindle, PDF
  • Also in traditional paperback signed by the author for $20 (includes postage).
  • Soon to be available in audio book formats.

For ordering information contact: mfaris1950@gmail.comPhoto of Michael Faris

Michael’s Bio

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