Tawilla’s Gold

Ponder the gravitational effect of the moon and sun to our earth. What if this energy somehow reached beyond our time and space? What if it pulled at another existence beyond our perception and somehow opened a door between two worlds?

Photo of book - Tawilla's Gold

Tawilla's Gold by Michael Faris

This is about men who once found such a door. Clues contained in a mysterious old map inspired rumors about a legend that promised unimaginable treasures for anyone willing to risk the wrath of an ancient shaman on a world called Zyoon. Find out the truth behind the legend that drove these men to their limits in competition for Tawilla’s Gold.

The inspiration for this story arose out of a visit to a very real place near Gold Hill, Oregon. The Oregon Vortex is supposedly a gravitational anomaly that warps ones sense of perspective. –MF

Read Tawilla’s Gold Sample Chapters.

  • Available in three electronic formats for $2 – Epub, Kindle, PDF
  • Also in traditional paperback signed by the author for $20 (includes postage).
  • Soon to be available in audio book formats.

Photo of Michael FarisFor ordering information contact: mfaris1950@gmail.com

Michael’s Bio

Also see: The Quest for the Talisman and A Matter in Time

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